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Body Music - Core Course

My name is Giovanni Gargini, and I play drums, piano, sing, and teach body percussion and Feldenkrais Method®. In this course we’ll learn the foundations of body percussion, focusing on body sounds & technique, music theory, and counting systems. We go deep into understanding what is a groove, and learn how to feel and internalize it. Then we explore a non-conventional music notation system, and finally we put it all together to learn four body-music songs. Practicing body percussion can be very challenging and frustrating in the beginning as we dive into new ideas, techniques, and plenty of independence and coordination challenges for your body. Just remember that the goal is to enjoy, so relax, smile, breathe and keep going! I wish you the best in this new learning process. Feel free to reach out with any questions that come up along the way! Good luck, and thank you for choosing this course. All the best, Giovanni Who this course is for: Teachers of kindergarten, primary and secondary school Music teachers Dancers Actors Musicians Everyone curious and passionate about music What you'll learn: - Body percussion sounds & techniques - Funk/Brazilian Grooves - Sing & Play songs with scores - Downbeat & Upbeat - Rhythmic-emotional memory - Non-conventional music notation - Creativity and improvisation - Rhythm Theory - Games for children & boys - Counting technique - Circular Rhythm

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